RKS offers a wide range of services covering the entire investment cycle, from finding the real estate product to the execution of the investment product.

Our extensive network of contacts includes participants from various market sectors, such as investors of all kinds, financial institutions, developers, real estate companies, etc.

This network allows us to obtain the suitable product and guide our clients in important transactions for the development of its corporate activities.

Investment Opportunities
Real Estate Management
Investment vehicles Structuring

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Through our network of intermediaries we create our portfolio of assets. All proposals are carefully analyzed but only those assets that meet strict eligibility criteria and offer a great profitability potential, become part of our portfolio.


We have stablished a well-defined assessment processes and robust and safe tools, according to the requirements and needs of each project.

  • Due Dilligence: Urban development, technical, environmental, legal.
  • Price analysis and forecasting.
  • Consulting, design, representation and negotiation in the buy-sell process.

Return Kapital Solutions


We design business strategies to improve corporate finances as well as we help in financial restructuring processes.
We analyze the situation of the company in detail and plan how to reach the client target, considering internal and external variables.


The success of an investment lies not only on the product alone but also in how it is managed. We have all the tools and resources to provide a comprehensive asset management to our clients either directly or through our specialized partners (asset management, property and facility management, technical reports, appraisals, etc.)

Return Kapital Solutions

Return Kapital Solutions


We have experience, we know the market and we see what our client wants. We set up investment vehicles adapted to the needs of our clients.